Is Respitality the short breaks option for you?

We understand how important regular and short breaks are for carers health and wellbeing. And there’s a few reasons why Respitality breaks are so beneficial to unpaid carers…

It's affordable
Breaks donated to Respitality are free of charge

Enjoy your break with whoever you like
You are welcome to bring the cared for person on the break if you wish

Leave the paperwork and calls to us
The planning and booking of the break is coordinated entirely by the local carers organisation, therefore there is no pressure on you to plan your break. 

A Respitality break to St Andrews with young carers

How do I access a Respitality break?

The process varies across Scotland, therefore you are best to contact your local carers organisation to find out how they operate. 

As Respitality is locally led and developed, it is currently available in the following regions.  

What positive impact could a Respitality break have on me?

Thanks to the unique experience that Respitality breaks can offer, there are many positive ways that unpaid carers can benefit:

  • It can be a break from the daily caring routine and an opportunity to explore new experiences
  • It can be a chance to relax and be taken care of
  • It may be an opportunity to foster relationships with others
  • You may feel recognised and appreciated for your role as an unpaid carer
  • A break like this can be a driver to return to the caring role with renewed energy

What type of breaks are available through Respitality?

The great thing about Respitality is that the type of breaks that are offered and taken can take shape in a variety of ways.

Some of the breaks we have seen over the years include:

  • A day out at a visitor attraction, such as a wildlife centre
  • Dinner out at a restaurant 
  • Getting a cut and blow dry at a hair salon
  • An overnight stay at a hotel or self-catering lodge 
  • A cup of coffee and slice of cake at a nearby cafe 
  • Tickets to a football match or a trip to the cinema 
  • Physical activities such as gym passes, canyoning or hiking

It is worth nothing that the availability and quantity of breaks on offer may differ between different regions based on tourism engagement and staff capacity.

I have savings. Does this mean I am not eligible?

Respitality breaks are not means-tested, therefore your income and savings are not taken into account.

However, other factors may be considered by your local carers organisation to determine priority (for example, when you last had a break). 

Is there any cost to me when I have a Respitality break?

All breaks donated to Respitality are free of charge, however there may be other costs associated with the break to consider, such as transport and food. 

Please discuss with your local carers organisation if extra costs would be a barrier for you to access a Respitality break, so they can explore funding options available. 

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to short breaks

Respitality is just one of the various short breaks options that you may be able to access in Scotland. Check out our Shared Care Scotland website to explore all your options. 

Plan your short break with Shared Care Scotland

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