Our mission is to make carers’ days with complementary short breaks within the hospitality, leisure & tourism sector.

Being an unpaid carer can have positive and rewarding aspects, but it can also be isolating as well as physically and mentally demanding. For a range of reasons, including financial pressures, care concerns and limited time, it is often difficult for carers to take the time out to fully recharge, or to spend quality time on their own with family and friends.

Through Respitality, we are connecting carer organisations with businesses in the hospitality, tourism and leisure arena to provide vital breaks from routine for unpaid carers, of all ages, in Scotland when they need it most.

The carer organisations facilitating the breaks truly understand the needs of the carers they support, and carefully select breaks to make the greatest impact on each individual carer.

All the hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses supporting the initiative see first hand the benefits that their business brings to unpaid carers – whether that’s through the provision of tea and ice cream and a chance to catch up with friends, or through arranging accommodation and transportation for a weekend away with the person they care for.

Respitality is coordinated by the national carer’s organisation Shared Care Scotland with support from the Scottish Government.