Chris Gardner - CEO, The Ben

“We are delighted to be involved with the scheme to help carers out with our house in Pitlochry. They are the unsung heroes who put others first and deserve to be recognised. They make a difference so we are trying to make a difference for them.”

As well as being a part of our tourism champion group, Chris and the Ben team have supported Respitality since 2015 with exclusive use of one of their Pitlochry properties which has benefitted hundreds of unpaid carers who have taken a short break there.

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Hitdinner 046

David Cochrane MBE, CEO of HIT Scotland

“I’ve proudly supported this innovative project from the beginning – it’s a simple and worthwhile way for the hospitality sector to give back to unpaid carers in Scotland.”

David has been a supporter of Respitality in Scotland from its inception, connecting us up with influential and like minded figures in the hospitality sector to enable Respitality to grow year on year.

Furthermore, HIT Scotland have facilitated two hospitality scholarship training opportunities for young carers through Respitality.

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Helen Henderson - tourism champions

Helen Henderson, Membership Manager of ASVA

“We were keen to support Respitality as the work they do is so essential, and we at ASVA were excited to take on the role as champions.

Being a trade membership organisation means we can share information quickly and easily, and we know that the ability to offer breaks and support unpaid carers is crucial. People in our community want to offer support and we are very happy to facilitate this.”

Helen has been a strong supporter of Respitality since 2020, and played a prominent role in promoting our Respitality at Home virtual breaks pilot in 2021 that encouraged numeous visitor attractions to facilitate short breaks for carers across Scotland during the pandemic.

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Margo Paterson CEO Hostelling Scotland Credit David Cheskin 1A7rvtn8t 978X624

Margo Paterson, CEO of Hostelling Scotland

“Respitality is a brilliant project for us to support and we have engaged for a good number of years now and will continue to do so. We appreciate how Respitality raises the profile of unpaid carers.

When unpaid carers are caring in such an intense way, to be able to give back is so important. It is a good feeling to know that the breaks that Hostelling Scotland offer allow carers to have some time off to themselves, so they can go back to their role of caring for loved ones stronger and refreshed.”

As well as playing a role as one of our Champions, Margo and the team at Hostelling Scotland have donated short breaks to Respitality from 13 of their beautiful hostels since 2017.

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Respitality is a Scottish Government supported project which is delivered locally by approved Respitality Delivery Partners and coordinated nationally by Shared Care Scotland.