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How does a short break with Respitality benefit unpaid carers?

Carers tell us that a break from the daily caring routine, and an opportunity to access new experiences with friends and families is a major positive for them.

A Respitality break also provides a chance to relax and be taken care of & return to their caring routines with renewed energy.

Additionally, because Respitality breaks are provided free of charge, this also alleviates any financial pressures on the unpaid carer. 

What is the process of donating a break to Respitality?

Donating to Respitality is really simple….

  1. You tell us what you would like to donate.
  2. We then share this information with our trusted local delivery partners network who arrange the break on behalf of the carer.
  3. Once the break is complete, we share any feedback the carer provides with the donor.

...And that’s it!

Not in a position to offer a break but still want to help?

There are many other ways you can support our work, no matter your  background.

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What types of breaks do businesses donate?

Over the years, we have received donations in the form of overnight stays in hotels and self catering properties, afternoon teas, spa days, whisky distillery tours, days out to the zoo, and cinema and sporting tickets.

What does supporting Respitality mean to donors?

Donors tell us that they find it fulfilling to contribute something to their local communities, and that their support of Respitality has boosted their reputation with their consumers.

Another plus is the ease of donating to Respitality, and the flexibility of being able to offer breaks at a time that suits them (such as in the low season or last minute cancellations).

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